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21 Content Ventures


21 Content Ventures

Logical Pictures launches 21 Content Ventures, an investment fund dedicated to films and series, offering the opportunity to take advantage of the growth in the audiovisual content market.

This is a European premiere in the audiovisual sector: 21 Content Ventures is launching a fundraising campaign in the form of Security Token Offering (STO) to digitize its future portfolio of films and series. As a result, each title (represented on the Tezos blockchain by a security token) will offer more liquidity and transparency than a traditional share of funds.

The idea of « tokenizing » 21 Content Ventures at its inception came after positive feedback from Logical Pictures, a management company registered with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), in the implementation of blockchain solutions for the audiovisual industry. The team’s experience in blockchain4 has shown the advantages of tokens compared to traditional securities: the ability to bring liquidity to a usually illiquid investment (21 Content Ventures being an evergreen fund, i.e. with no limited life, as opposed to traditional private equity funds) and the gain in transparency in the allocation of revenues from the portfolio of films and series held by the fund.

This is what led 21 Content Ventures to rely on the digitalization of its securities ledger in the form of an STO. The Tezos blockchain was deemed to be the most suitable to meet the requirements of the 21 Content Ventures project. Tezos offers energy-efficient technology with enhanced security and stability.


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« Every year we receive more than 1,000 projects from all around the world and invest in about ten of them. This deal flow combined with our expertise in the financial structuring of films and series are assets that we will be able to capitalize on with the launch of 21 Content Ventures. »

Frédéric Fiore, President of the Logical Pictures Group