Tezos Digisign

Electronic signature and document certification on-chain. Sword Group has developed Tezos Digisign, a solution for electronic signature and document certification eIDAS compliant (electronic Identification, Authentication and trust Services).

Solution Overview:

Developed on Tezos, the solution aims at facilitating the verification of a document’s authenticity while decreasing costs and delays. It is also a multiformat solution allowing individuals to sign .pdf, .jpeg, .mp3, autocad formats of all sizes with provable on-chain signatures of authenticity.

🦊 Digisign Gitlab


We are proud to launch the Tezos DigiSign solution, which will extend the security and cost-saving capabilities of blockchain technology for document management and verification to businesses around the world. We can’t wait to see how this free, open source solution transforms the way that public and private en66es store, sign, and verify essential documents.” 

Alain Broustail, Director of Sword Blockchain,